Abridged Series Wiki

This is where the name of the series goes
Created by This is who created the series (it can be multiple people)
Run This is the series's run it. It is usually styled as such:

MM/DD/YY or M,Day,Year

Episodes The number of episodes created
Link This is the link to where the series can be found. Either on youtube or some other site.

All articles should start with some text up here giving a summary of the series


Articles should then write up a section on the history of this abridged series, it can be as long as you want.


Articles should tell how the abridged series was made, often this bleeds into history so if it's already in the history section then don't bother creating a new section for it.


List who played what here. In this format:

  • Person - Who they played

If the person has an article on them then please pipe it:

  • Person - Who they played

If they don't, then please don't pipe it unless you plan to immediately make an article on them.

Episode list

There are a wide number of ways to list your episodes. We prefer to use table method, as it makes things very clear

Episodes Air Date

youtube link Article

Month Day, Year


Please place any trivia about your series here. And by trivia, we do not mean false and stupid information. We mean actual trivia.


  • The first episode of series X was originally meant to come out 1 month earlier, but had to be pushed back due to one of the VAs getting sick.