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DrMircow (credited as Mircea)
Alano Guy


February 2010


2010 - present


Batman: The Abridged Series
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Abridged Brothers are a group of people who are best known for Batman: The Abridged Series.


After DrMircow and agunemon589 decided which cartoon show to abridge, they started looking for more group members. Because they were new to this "abridged movement" started by LittleKuriboh, they thought that they were not skilled enough to abridge the show just by themselves. Hence, they invited Bagonaf (famous in their school for his comedy videos) to join their group, which he accepted politely. Not long after that, Alano Guy and Jason (friends from the same school) joined their group, making it a five-men collaboration. Shortly after that, all of them started looking for a group name. Potential names included: "Abridged Team", "Team Batman", "Abridged Brothers", "Fat Brothers" and "Batman Abridged". In the end, by group vote, the "Abridged Brothers" name was picked and since then they are know by that name.



Main articles: Batman: The Abridged Series, Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series and The Bollocks Show

Working on three projects, the Abridged Brothers are probably best known on Youtube for their Batman: The Abridged Series, a parody series based on the famous cartoon show by Warner Brothers Animation called Batman: The Animated Series. As expected in a parody, the characters for the series have similar personalities to their original counterparts; however, most aspects are greatly exaggerated. The second project is a sequel to Batman: TAS entitled Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series. Lastly, the third project is a talk show, featuring a character from the original Batman: TAS who talks about a certain topic per episode, called The Bollocks Show.


Abridged Brothers are also known for realising non-episodic videos based on Batman: The Abridged Series. Most of the videos are not directly related to the plot of the series, apart from the video "DELETE..." which featured the first appearance of a recurring character from the series and explained how the first episode of the series was deleted. The events in that video were marked as cannon, apart from the death of one of the Abridged Brothers which was a false alarm (although the video showed someone on a stretcher).

Radio Take-Over[]

Although not considered a project, the Radio Take-Over is a series of podcasts recorded by the Abridged Brothers and uploaded on Youtube.


  • DrMircow is the main writer, editor, sound mixer and website maintainer.
  • Bagonaf and DrMircow are the main writers for The Bollocks Show.
  • The scripts made by DrMircow are revised by the rest of the team, in parcticular Bagonaf and agunemon589.


Various software and hardware are being used by the Abridged Brothers. These are as follows:


  • Sony Vegas Pro 10 - Used for video editing
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Used for photo editing
  • Adobe After Effects CS4 - Used for special effects
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - Used for website editing
  • Spotify - Used to find songs suitable as soundtracks in an episode


  • Unknown microphone - Used to record Episode 1 - 8 (except Episode 4).
  • Alba microphone - Used to record Episode 4.
  • Logitech microphone - Used to record Episode 9 onwards.


Abridged Brothers tend to keep their fans up-to-date with the latest news through their:


Impesonation AbridgedBrotlhers

The account being terminated by Youtube.

Around September 2010, someone created a fake account on Youtube to impersonate the Abridged Brothers. The username looked similar to the username of the Abridged Brothers' channel except that it had an extra "l" in it (ie. AbridgedBrotlhers). Although it was not considered a big threat, it did cause some problems to the community. These problems were as follows:

  • Fake episodes of Abridged Brothers' Batman: The Abridged Series were being uploaded on Youtube. They only showed slideshows with random music in the background.
  • Thumbed down comments on Abridged Brothers' videos, particularly the video "Where Is Everyone?".
  • Copied the channel layout.
  • Pretended to be the real Abridged Brothers.

However, the account was terminated by Youtube on the 9th of December 2010 due to multiple or severe violations of Community Guidelines.

Other Work[]

The Abridged Brothers are known for helping out and supervising Helix341 on his Transformers G1: The Abridged Series.


On 13th of March 2011, "Episode Pilot" of Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series won at a local film festival in Oklahoma in the Comedy section. It is the first time when Abridged Brothers won a prestigious award for their works on Batman: TAS. [1] [2]


  • Although he is credited as Mircea in each video, he prefers to be called by his stage name of DrMircow.
  • DrMircow came up with the idea of abridging Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Most of the ideas for the series were done by agunemon589 and DrMircow just by walking to KFC every lunchtime at school.
  • Most of the recording is done at DrMircow's house and sometimes at Bagonaf's.
  • All the members go to the same school.
  • agunemon589 voiced most characters in Batman: The Abridged Series.
  • Jason is the member with the least appearances in Batman: The Abridged Series.
Abridged Brothers