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Abridged+Vampire was founded by Yaro Shien (AKA Hotspot 100) and uploaded on Youtube under the team name of DragonMasterAssociation.

The scripting and video editing is done by the founder and co-writers Toshikinightfox, Yaro's real name Arron Pleitner . As for the abridged series, the first episode Pilot was originally to be called "Your Going to a School". The second episode premiering January 29, 2012 featured a new voice actor as Kurumu, the episode was called "Colors" but due to a unfortunate technical difficulty it showed up in black and white. The problem was fixed and the titled was re-named "With Colors", as a way to ease tension with comedy. The Third episode was mostly done like the first two, but with new additions like picture in video and text in video. The fourth episode was when Yaro started learning lip flaps and working with audio, Sydsnap took over Yukari Sendo also the first abridger cameo from Mattroks101. The Fifth episode was the longest and most worked on in the series, moving eyes, audio leveling and quality was taken into account and Sydsnap playing the main antagonist of the episode Tamao and multiple cameos form the abridging community.

Episode 6 was mainly to try all the skills gained over that past year by Yaro, but due to some issues, there was some discrepancy about the "tombstone" idea which had Danteofthewest angry and concerned as to be a direct saying of "You are below me or your series was dead" had been solved the day after as a misunderstanding and that everyone, even Yaro himself, will be placed on a tombstone also solving any floating rumors between the BloodYokai and DMA creators. One of the major set backs in this episode was the constant re-casting of Gin Morioka, until Yaro found AtticusTheAbridged was willing to handle the role. The main concept behind episode 5 and 6 is to simply keep the audience waiting on many unanswered questions going on in the series. The new episode also brought quality changes, audio & video alike. With the help of QuizGuru the episode came out with a new opening and better viewing quality for the episode.


Tsukune Aono[]

Has a deep mortifing reason to hate and keep his virginity from the other characters. Unfortunately that plan failed.

Moka Akashia[]

The main girl character wants Tsukune to be her man.


Who is the dumb sexy girl in the series.


Has a thing for Pedo bear.

Gin Morioka[]

A cause of trouble in the series with out the main characters knowing about it, managing to convince the girls that Tsukune is bisexual, got Tsukune to get laid.


  • Yaro Shien - Tsukune Aono, Extras, Hotter Moka (ep. 7)
  • JadeTheFirefox/we2 - Moka Akashiya, Mrs. Neckonome, Yukari Sendo (ep. 7)
  • AtticusTheAbridged - Gin Morioka
  • AliFluro - Mizore Shiriayuki (ep. 7+)
  • Kiyo - Ruby Tojo
  • Emmaandstuff - Kokoa, Yukari (ep. 9+)
  • xbubblemunkeyx - Hotter Moka (ep. 9+)
  • YumeNyaa - Kurumu (ep. 10+)
  • TephlonX - Hotter Moka (ep. 9), Kuyo

Past Cast Members[]

  • DEEsidia97 - Yukari Sendo (ep. 3), Mr. Driver (ep. 3-6), Extras
  • ToshikiNightfox - Hotter Moka (ep. 1-6), Batman
  • Legogirl11 - Kurumu Kuruno (ep. 2-5)
  • Aloventha - Extras (ep. 3-7)
  • Sydsnap - Yukari Sendo (Ep. 4-6), Tamao
  • RadiantLucha - Mizore Shirayuki (ep. 6)
  • MinaMinaVA - Kurumu (ep. 6-8), Extras
  • SmochiBanzai - Yukari (ep. 8)


  • Taiyakimonkey2 - Cafeteria Lady (ep. 3)
  • Narutofan3284 - Extras (ep. 3-4)
  • Runawayturist - God (ep. 5)
  • KyubiiOfRage - Mummy Classmate (ep. 5)
  • Arriest - No Hair Classmate (ep. 5)
  • PowerpuffGirlOldAndZFan - Goalie (ep. 5)
  • James Hill - Miles Bays (ep. 5)
  • Icewolf25 - Hotter Moka 2 (ep. 5)
  • Omnibeneficial - Dean cameo (ep. 7-8)
  • ThroneofCipher - Sam cameo (ep. 7-8)
  • Kiyo - Ruby Tojo (ep. 8)
  • QuizGuru - Eagle (ep. 8)
  • Hawkcbm - Hawk (ep. 8)
  • Emmaandstuff - Kokoa (ep. 8)
  • LightningCrabz - Murdered Student, Shop Keeper and Random Guy (ep. 8)
  • PsnYomi133 - Hidalgo (ep. 8)
  • Verrin - Dracula/Alucard (ep. 10)
  • MoonDreamofA - Mrs. Aono (ep. 10)
  • Henry Mason - Student Police Guy (ep. 10)

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1: Pilot Dec 23, 2011
Episode 2: With Colors Jan 29, 2012
Episode 3: OMG Pedo Bear Mar 31, 2012
Episode 4: Where There Is No Plot May 22, 2012
Episode 5: War Has Been Declared Oct 31, 2012
Episode 6: War Horse Feb 20, 2013
Episode 7: That's Cold Jun 18, 2013
Episode 8: A Fine Red Jewel Oct 13, 2013
Episode 9: Ruby Mar 28, 2014
Episode 10: Audit Aug 10, 2014



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