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Aaron Robert Parnell


Vancouver, Canada.


Aaron Robert Parnell, also known as FrozenFrost, is an streamer and voice actor from Vancouver, Canada. He is the co-writer of of Bleach (S) Abridged, Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) Abridged, and Digimon Tri Abridged with BlazingAzureCrow, and is a member of Project Mouthwash.


Main Projects (With Project Mouthwash)[]

  • Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) Abridged – Co-Writer
  • Bleach (S) Abridged – Co-Writer, Co-Editor (later episodes)
  • Digimon Tri Abridged – Co-Writer
  • Digimon Adventure Abridged – Co-Writer

Voice Work[]

  • Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) Abridged by Project Mouthwash – Lancer
  • Bleach (S) Abridged by Project Mouthwash - Renji, Aizen, Rangiku, Zangetsu, Ukitake, Yumichika, Jidanbo, Saido, Ganju, Edraid
  • Digimon Adventure Abridged by Project Mouthwash - Matt, Greymon, President Numemon
  • Digimon Tri Abridged by Project Mouthwash - Matt, Greymon
  • SAO Abridged Parody by Something Witty Entertainment - Soldier (Ep. 11), Security Guard (Ep. 12)
  • Fake/Zero by DoktorApplejuce - Radio Announcer (Ep. 2)