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Sith50 is an amateur abridger/Video Editor/Voice actor.  His reason for naming himself was due to him having watched Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith on the day he first came onto YouTube. He wasn’t anything big at the time and simply used YouTube as a storage place for his AMV’s.

His first abridged series started back in 2010 when he underwent a project to abridged the entire franchise “Precure” however the project was short lived as he found it difficult to manage the editing and script writing on his own and so he ended the project in 2012.

However this was not the end of his abridging career as he tried to do a solo project by parodying the already comedy action themed anime titled “Jubei-chan, the ninja girl One Shot” he soon later teamed up with his best friend ShugoTV, who , like himself, also tried abridging Precure but with a MENT style. Together they co-founded the parody team called “Ani-Storm” which was inspired by their childhood television program “Toonami” and like its inspiration ShugoTV and Sith50 plan to use Ani-storm as a station for future Parody Project.

Sith50 is more or less a loner type abridger though he did try to get involved with other abridgers like Littlekuriboh or Teamfourstar, however he realized he was asking too much and instead of trying to increase his popularity through others he would try to make his own mark in the abridging world.

Through his time in voice acting and abridging he has opened up to other abridgers, first with ShugoTV then with Mrskoringo, both he feels are like brothers to him, and through these meetings he had the great opportunity and pleasure to meet other voice actors such as: Runawayturist, Xcaliborg, Chommper17, xAmiHimex, Sydsnap, DriatanVA, Curehappywaswrong, Ricechuu and many others and these were people he admired and never though would get the chance to meet.

On April 5th 2013 He officially announced the revival of The Precure Abridged Series, where he and his fellow teammates from the original group will be repraising their roles.

On Jan. 1st 2015 he officially announcehis three main projects for his personal Youtube channel: The Lampoon of Korra, FairyMENT, and Yu-gi-MENT Arc-V


Sith50’s abridging style first started off Traditional style, taking elements from the shows he parodied and exaggerating the heck out of it, though he has always wanted to try MENT style as he found it very funny and very entertaining. His biggest influences in abridging are:

Video Editing and Voice Acting

  • Runawayturist
  • TeamFourStar
  • purpleeyeswtf
  • Mr.Skoringo/Dejay/MasterHirano
  • Kaggy
  • Xcaliborg
  • DriatanVA


As mentioned above Sith50 has come to know a good number of abridgers and voice actors but these people are the ones who he considers his, closest friends to the point of them being like a “second family”.

ShugoTV – his closest friend and partner in Ani-storm, the two have the same tastes in anime genres and even senses of humor, they've been close friends since they partnered up in 2012 and created Ani-storm, whenever Sith50 needed a friend Shugo was right there to laugh at him...before giving him the picard speech.

Mr.Skoringo- second Best friend he met, he finds Skoringo’s humor to be very well done and he sees great potential in him to be a voice actor, he also likes the critiques he gives to other potential abridgers.

Runawayturist – Sith50 holds great respect for Runawayturist as an abridger, editor, artist, and friend.

xAmiHimex – Sith50 loves how she is always perky and full of personality

DriatanVA – a very kind and soft spoken person but she does have a fun personality behind that cute voice, Sith50 nicknames her his “Imouto-chan” and is protective of her, don’t try to troll her or you’ll feel his wrath.

CureHappywaswrong – a close friend Sith50 met, like him and shugo, she likes procure and has a very funny and random personality, but he enjoys her company very much.


  • Precure Abridged (Precure Spoof Stars): (Hiatus)

  • Ah! My Goddess the Heavenly Lampoon: (Co-Writer and Editor)

  • Lampoon of Korra

  • FairyMENT
  • Yu-gi-MENT Arc-V

Upcoming Projects[]

  • Ani-Storm: SekiMENT, To-MENT-Ru, and Sakura Taisen Abridged.

Projects involved in:

  • Precure KAI by TheShugoTV
  • Smell Precure! By CureHappywaswrong
  • Ah My Goddess The Heavenly Lampoon by Ani-Storm
  • Precure Abridged by PrecureSpoofStars


  • Sith50 is a huge fan of many Anime series from Shonen, Shojo, and Seinen themes. But his most favorite genre by far is Magical Girl shows.
  • Some of his Top favorite Anime/Mangas are:
  1. To-Love-Ru/Motto/Darkness
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds/Arc-V
  3. Dragonball/Z/GT
  4. Ah! My Goddess
  5. Fairy Tail
  6. Precure
  7. Kill La Kill
  • He is a veteran Yugioh Card Game Player.