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08/19/2013 - 01/07/2017




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Because it's not QUITE Free...

"Wait, we're on a swim team? I thought this show was about drugs or something."
- Haru, episode 9


50% OFF! is a parody of the anime FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club (2013). It was first announced in a 4 second video on August 13, 2013. The first 5 episodes were released before the anime had finished airing. The parody does not abridge the source material by a great margin: the first 10 episodes include about 35 minutes of content (plus several bonus videos!) and only cover episodes 1-3 of the original anime.


The series was created by sparkytheandroid and Octopimp, and edited by Octopimp and other uncredited editors

An ending theme was introduced to the series as of episode 6: an English cover of 「SPLASH FREE」, sung by sparkytheandroid and Octopimp. The Japanese version from the original anime is sung by STYLE FIVE.



Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - Prologue Aug 19, 2013
Episode 2 - Late For Anime School Aug 21, 2013
Episode 3 - Breaking and Entering Aug 28, 2013
Episode 4 - Taking the Fall Sep 14, 2013
Episode 5 - Extracuricular Sep 25, 2013
Episode 6 - APPROVED! Oct 24, 2013
Episode 7 - Headgames With Haru Nov 23, 2013
Episode 8 - So Hot But So Crazy Jan 8, 2014
Episode 9 - Dream Journal Mar 19, 2014
Episode 10 - Usurper Jul 4, 2014
Episode 11 - Flyin' Hawaiian Nov 1, 2014

Episode 12 - Solid Right Cross

Mar 31, 2015

Episode 13 - Team Screaming Exercise Jun 3, 2015
Episode 14 - Only God Can Judge Oct 24, 2015
Episode 15 - Probably Just A Typo Nov 1, 2015
Episode 16 - Dirt Brain Mar 27, 2016
Episode 17 - Bad Blood May 27, 2016
Episode 18 - Washing The Failure Off Jul 13, 2016
Episode 19 - Imbecilic Determination Jan 7, 2017

Common Themes[]

Characters Differences[]

  • Haru's has at least 4 split personalities, but perhaps more. They are all also named Haru. The reason that he appears to be a outwardly quiet character is because his alternate personalities spend most of their time arguing or playing board games and video games. Because of this, Haru comes off as a sort of vegetable. He is also hydrosexual.
  • The "cute character" Nagisa is recast as deep-voiced, drug-dealing, tattooed, "Thug Seme" Nagisa, who has recently broken out of prison. His other crimes include breaking and entering, murder, vandalism, drag-racing, and the illegal breeding of rockhopper penguins. He flirts with Rei openly and frequently and has most likely made out with Rei though not shown it is implied. Despite this, he does not consider himself as homosexual.
  • Makoto is excessively naive, considering the questionable sanity and illegal activities of his friends. He often lets slip that he's attracted to Haru by innuendo or gushing over Haru when he's out of earshot, but denies it when questioned (He becomes less in denial and more possessive as the series continues).
  • Rin is recast as an idiot savant. Much like Haru, he excels at swimming and struggles with everyday tasks like tying his shoes.
  • Gou's back story involved taking a fall for Nagisa and spending 6 months in jail. She "ships" pairs of well-muscled guys who she happens to pass by throughout her day. She is comparable to the typical "fangirl."
  • Rei speakes dramatically in a soft voice that seems vaguely threatening. He also seems to be obsessed with death or ways one can die.
  • Miss Miho acts sweet and cheerful as a front to keep suspicion away from her criminal activities.
  • Nitori is attracted to Rin and wants everything of Rin's to the point of obsession. An odd one-sided love.

Running Gags[]

  • Swearing is censored with each characters animal persona sounds.
  • Many drug references worked into previously innocent situations.
  • A character known as "Easter Dave" is referenced often as Nagisa's associate in crime. In PalletTownChampions abridged parody of Fairy Tail, it is revealed that "Easter Dave" is actually Master Makarov during a Nagisa cameo.
  • Nagisa uses a different pop culture shark reference every time he refers to Rin (he starts running out of good ones around episode 10).
  • Seijuro using the word "bro" in unnecessary places.
  • The intense swimming sequences are downplayed with splash sound effects similar to what might be heard in a real swimming event.
  • Coach Sasabe illegally importing exotic birds.
  • Haru not being able to read. (He may regain the ability at some point)
  • Makoto making plenty of Freudian slips.
  • Rei and his obsession with murder
  • The number of voices in Haru's head keeps getting bigger as more episodes progress



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