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2nd Gear Squad
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Otaku.D Furiku
Sonic Freak
Pika Cheeks
Prince Vegeta

Began Abridging:



YouTube Website

2nd Gear Squad is an abridging team founded by Otaku.D Furiku, "with a twist of ghetto humor".


Their first YouTube channel, created in 2015, was hit by a series of copyright strikes, and was taken down. Their second channel was created in early 2016.

Ongoing Projects[]

  • One Piece Bootlegged
  • Hustle Art Online
  • Vampire + Swaggit
  • Samurai Black and Blue (#TIBA 2016 Entry)

Completed Projects[]

  • H.O.T.D Bootlegged Abridged
  • M-Date (Monster Musume One-Shot)
  • Keijo!! Bootlegged (One-Shot)
  • Neo Yokio Abridged (One-Shot)

Abandoned Projects[]

  • Beck Bootlegged
  • Aesthetica Of A Rouge Douchebag Abridged
  • Gurren Lagann Bootlegged
  • Fairy Tail Bootlegged
2nd Gear Squad