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2nd Gear Squad
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Otaku.D Furiku (deceased)
Sonic Freak
Pika Cheeks
Prince Vegeta

Years Active:

2015 - 2023


YouTube Website

2nd Gear Squad was an abridging team founded by Otaku.D Furiku, "with a twist of ghetto humor".


Their first YouTube channel, created in 2015, was hit by a series of copyright strikes, and was taken down. Their second channel was created in early 2016.

Unfortunately, on January 22nd 2023 it was announced the founder, Otaku.D Furiku (also known as Slick Goku), had passed away. Prince Vegeta now owns both of Otaku's channels and is working to get his last works uploaded.


Ongoing Projects[]

  • One Piece Bootlegged
  • Hustle Art Online
  • Vampire + Swaggit
  • Samurai Black and Blue (#TIBA 2016 Entry)

Completed Projects[]

  • H.O.T.D Bootlegged Abridged
  • M-Date (Monster Musume One-Shot)
  • Keijo!! Bootlegged (One-Shot)
  • Neo Yokio Abridged (One-Shot)

Abandoned Projects[]

  • Beck Bootlegged
  • Aesthetica Of A Rouge Douchebag Abridged
  • Gurren Lagann Bootlegged
  • Fairy Tail Bootlegged


2nd Gear Squad