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3 high school kids who wanted to have some fun and make some people laugh. Most of their jokes are what people call "crude" humor and are known for their slogan "We don't make gay pornos."



2GuysAnd1More started abridging in June of 2009. Starting off with a Gantz parody series in which was originally called Gantz Abridged but was changed to Gantz: the Alternate Reality because there was already a Gantz Abridged by Hbi2k. After making 3 episodes of Gantz: the Alternate Reality they introduced a new series, The Dragon's Balls. It was a Dragonball Z parody with no plot line but random skits. They eventually made an abridged series for One Piece but it was taken down by Toei Animation 3 episodes in. The series was later cancelled.

When the AbridgedContest was announced in Janurary 2011 they worked up a new one-shot to pilot for the contest. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Abridged (Beck: MCS for short) episode one was submitted into the contest. They have continued the series as of November 2012.

2GuysAnd1More also had an annual 2GuysAnd1More Balooza! for 3 years (2010, 2011, 2012). Then finally a fourth Balooza was made in 2015. The Baloozas had short abridged skits compiled into one video inspired by Robot Chicken. Going off one of their skits in the 3rd 2G1M Balooza and being really bored of doing college work TwooGiz and Slayer5093 spawned FUK[U]MAN. A parody of Bakuman where they make hentai and doujinshi instead of manga. The series is probably their most notable work.

TwooGiz wrote the scripts solo for the Negro Lagoon trilogy. While most of the cast was reprised by guest voice actors the trilogy still starred the original 2GuysAnd1More cast members in minor roles. After an on and off hiatus early 2016 saw the birth of 2G1M in their truest form with Paying For Prison. Then they died. No more videos.


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