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1KidsEntertainment is retired abridger. He is best known for the successful abridged series Pokemon The 'Bridged Series, as well as his personal Death Note Abridged Series.

He gained notoriety for helping TeamFourStar and other Abridgers to get their accounts reinstated after copyright claims had them suspended.

In December of 2018, fellow abridger Nowacking accused him of abuse and manipulation to both him and XJerry64x. 1Kids admitted to these claims and as a result, retired from abridging.

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  • Mike is very self conscious, and does not enjoy his own voices and editing.
  • 1Kids has said he hates Ray William Johnson, the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this wiki, and most anime. Conversely, he claims he is a fan of Lost, The Fairly Odd Parents, Family Guy., and Chocolate.
  • His old logo was a parody of the 4Kids logo.
  • 1KidsEntertainment used to host live shows on Vokle.com.
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