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07-Ghost Abridged
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Created By:

Midnight Devont,& Canadian Jutsu.





07-Ghost Abridged was created by Midnight Devont & CanadianJutsu for hbi2k's PassGAS contest. Due do not only pressure from the series own creators but the fans, they've continued on to make an on going series. Their current episode count is five with an abundant amount of Tag video for, Teito, Ayanami, Castor & even Mikhal. 


The series began each journey in the first few days of hbi2k's PassGAS Abridged Contest & with it's release it grew from just a One-Shot but into a full fledged series. CanadianJutsu came to Midnight Devont the days of the release of the contest & mentioned 07-Ghost would fit the bill for the contest, & due to Semisoma1 & Kirtro pairing up to do a Genshinken Abridged (which won 2nd place in the contest later on) they decided to team up & pump out a script.  The joke that kick started 07-Ghost Abridged was a simple witty comment by CanadianJutsu while watching the first episode of the show. Reffering to a see where Ayanami noticed a pleading Shurin from an observation window CanadianJutsu muttered, in his Itachi voice, "Oh, look at the cute little Bishounen boy knocking on the glass. I wish I knew what he was saying." & the rest was history.

To this date there has been five episodes released, all written by both, Midnight Devont & CanadianJutsu but edited solely by Midnight Devont. With mixing help from Semisoma1 & Zeromaster.


  • Midnight Devont: Teito, Labradour, Shurin, Extras
  • CanadianJutsu: Mikage, Castor, Ayanami (aka Aizen), Hyuuga (aka Gin), Extras
  • Vivimage2000: Frau, Colonel Miroku, Extras
  • LadyAbhorsen: Athena
  • Scarlotte: Rosalie
  • Whip0fAlchemy: Libelle

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